WiSe18/19 Type and Model


The historic dimension of typological thinking and design

The seminar gives an overview of the historic dimension of typological thinking and design.
Types represent functional, spatial, volumetric or structural dispositions, which are expressed through constantly updated architectural characters. As shared, socio-cultural knowledge, types and their transformative potential empower communication between people and their built environment. The use of typological approach enables the further development of our urban environment in a socially sustainable way.
Students will study historic and current building types and analyze what typological approach means and meant in the concrete architectural design process. Students present results in the classroom and write term papers. Aim of the seminar is to unfold the potential of typological thinking through history as school of thought.


Supervisor: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hermann Schlimme
Attainment: Classroom presentation and term paper – Obligatory course
Participants: 30
Place: A 201 B
Time: Wednesday, 2 pm – 4 pm (weekly)

1st meeting
2nd meeting

Module M-Arch-T P(6) Type and Model
Component Type and Model I iV 2 SWS – 3 LP
Qispos number: 32155