WiSe 22/23- Tangyang 燙樣: Chinese Paper Models from Qing Dynasty


Topic of the seminar are paper models of mausoleums from Qing Dynasty China. We will be working hands-on with the models conserved in the Ethnological Museums in Berlin. Through documenting the models and by means of digital reproductions we will learn about their materiality and their specific way of representing volume and space. Models are cognitive instruments. Based on the experiencing of the models, participants will be develop own research questions and investigate e. g. what the models tell us about architecture, spatial concepts, court culture, ceremonial and beyond.


Time: Mondays, 2pm-6pm

Venues: A060 (TU Berlin) and Ostpavillon, Ethnologisches Museum, Berlin-Dahlem, Arnimallee 27, 14195 Berlin (1st meeting)

1st meeting: 17.10.2022, 02:00pm-06:00pm, Ostpavillon, Ethnologisches Museum, Berlin-Dahlem, Arnimallee 27, 14195 Berlin

Modul: Baugeschichte-Konstruktion und Technik III- 4SWS- 6 LP and Baugeschichte-Konstruktion und Technik III (MA)- 4SWS- 6 LP
Degree program: BAA, MAA, MAAT
Chair: Bau- und Stadtbaugeschichte (Hermann Schlimme)
Examiner: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hermann Schlimme
Supervisor:Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hermann Schlimme, Melanie Nguyen M.A., Liang Song M.Sc.
Participants: 30

Enrollment: Moses and on this ISIS-Site