WiSe 21/22 Master Typology History Class


A city is made of buildings, which are repeatedly reconverted and readapted to new uses. Form persists, function changes. The seminar investigates architecture, which underwent categorical changes of functional type. How do inherited buildings enrich their new uses? This can happen thanks to the cultural significance, which the reused building accumulated through its former functions. How was the new use type changed or innovated when adapted to the inherited dwelling? The reused architecture is authentically there and in situ, its historic significance is perceivable. How does this material continuity give meaning to the new function? The seminar dwells on historic and current typological concepts and from there explores type as a model of change.

Modul: Type and Model
Component: Type and Model I iV 2 SWS – 3 LP
Qispos number: 2347241
Chair: Bau- und Stadtbaugeschichte (Hermann Schlimme)
Supervisor Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hermann Schlimme
Examination: Presentation online/in classroom/on site and brief term paper
Participants: 30
Place Seminar will be held online or in presence with, if possible, some visits on site in Berlin, details to be announced
Time: Tuesday, 10 – 12 Uhr
1. Session 26.10.2021
Enrollment QISPOS,
ISIS: https://isis.tu-berlin.de/course/view.php?id=27323
Website: https://fg.bsg.tu-berlin.de/