Survival Lounge following Sara Ahmed


The Survival Lounge is part of the exhibition [FRAU] ARCHITEKT*IN, organised by the Berlin Chamber of Architects, the Institute of Architecture (TU Berlin) and the Architekturmuseum (TU Berlin) in cooperation with BHROX bauhaus reuse, Ernst-Reuter-Platz.


[FRAU] ARCHITEKT*IN can be seen from 3 June to 8 July 2021 at the bauhaus reuse Pavillon, Ernst-Reuter-Platz, Berlin.


The three Survival Lounge seminars, – – iii.inhabit, were organised by the Chair of History of Architecture and Urbanism at the Institute of Architecture, TU Berlin, and taught by Sarah Rivière, Hermann Schlimme and Helle Schröder. The concept for a student-run Survival Lounge was proposed by Franziska Neßeler in an earlier seminar held by Sarah Rivière and Matthäa Ritter-Wurnig at the Chair of Building Technology and Architectural Design.


The Survival Lounge project aims to create a space for intersectional feminist thought, exchange, support and performance. It is part of a larger fight against inequality and discrimination in society, in academia, in the built environment and in the architectural profession. Sara Ahmed’s book Living a feminist life (2017) contains a Killjoy Survival Kit of things that “I know I need to do and to have around me to keep on going on,” and here we support each other’s survival in this sense: validating identity, empowering ongoing projects, and boosting every voice as a vital contribution to ongoing feminist discourse.


In 2020 the Survival Lounge was designed and built as a prototype: as a liminal zone of doubt, immersion and gathering, a zone of tidal nature, located on (or at both sides of) a threshold, a place where doubt could be transformed into potential through discussion and reflection. Due to the COVID-situation this lounge cannot be presented as a physical space today. Instead we offer a virtual Survival Lounge with interactive spaces of contradiction and recalibration, reflection and togetherness, power and support.  Please use the links below to cross the threshold: Welcome to the virtual Survival Lounge.


Element House

Eléonore Hayar, Vani Monjaraz Tec, Selen Sönmez





Element Film

Nura Hoda Dag



Element Bar

Paul André Walter





Sarah Rivière

Hermann Schlimme

Helle Schröder


Student collaborators:

Ho Kim

Esin Mehmed

Marcus Matznick

Thalia Staschok


Publication survival lounge. i. design

Christine Hartl

Serdar Ayvaz


Publication survival lounge. ii. build

Tildem Kirtak [ongoing]


Guest critics:

Hille Bekic (AK Berlin)

Rita Brand

Nathalie Dziobek-Bepler (Baukind)

Martina Gross-Georgi

Jane Rendell (The Bartlett)

Eike Roswag-Klinge

Gudrun Sack (AK Berlin)

Wiltrud Simbürger

Felix Tholl



Sermin Devecioglu [IfA CIP-Pool]

Benjamin Herrmann [IfA CIP-Pool]

Theresa Jung [tailor]

Jochen Lochner [Büro Happold]

Paula Longato [Büro Happold]

Felix Tholl [craftsman]



Sommersemester 20 (i. design)

Natasha Nurul Annisa

Seyedeh Kosar Asghari

Serdar Ayvaz

Ilayda Birgül

Eda Özge Düzgün

Neside Sevinc Durgut

Galina Grinberg

Sena Gür

Christine Hartl

Jakob Michael Holtz

Rowaa Ibrahim Ahmed Ibrahim

Gabriel Paul Jacobs

Tildem Kirtak

Antonia Maria Leicht

Ekaterina Kropacheva

Emmanouil Martakos Galiatsatos

Iryna Myronchuk

Elise-Phuong Ha Nguyen

Sofia Andrea Orellana von Frey

Mara Neo Räther

Miranda Rigby

Laura Schwarzenberger

Nikita Ashleigh Schweizer

Merlina Stephens Dupeyron

Neele Sofie Thrän

Rima Ubeid

Mohammad Wa’el Moh’d Hilmi Allan

Leoni Marieke Weyrauch

Veronika Zaripova



Wintersemester 20 | 21 (ii. build)

Natasha Nurul Annisa

Alina Behrend

Rieke Davideit

Noha Elhady

Alexander Hartway

Jakob Michael Holtz

Tildem Kirtak

Miranda Rigby

Elio Wohlgenannt



Sommersemester 21 (iii. inhabit)

Eléonore Hayar

Nura Hoda Dag

Vani Monjaraz Tec

Katjuschka Owusu

Selen Sönmez

Paul André Walter


The Survival Lounge is co-financed by the Architektenkammer Berlin

Bild: (c) Seyedehkosar Asghari