The relation between the garden and the house

garden and house

The aim of the conference series is to compare the uses, practices and techniques applied in the gardens of Europe and East Asia. With the fourth edition of the conference series we extend the discourse to the Islamic cultural sphere. Alongside a certain form of universality in the function of the garden (pleasure, display of power, ceremonial, reclusion but also production), the scholars are questioning, from one continent to another, the extraordinary diversity of the elements that make up a garden, of the forms and devices that implement it and of the representations that express its nature.

This is particularly insightful for the relation between the garden and the house, topic of the fourth edition of the conference series. How do form, image and meaning, outside and inside interact? Architecture and gardens are experienced by walking through, contemplating and using the space. How are these experiences and practices shaping the spatiality and vice-versa? Both, garden und house, are part of the continuous spectrum of the designed built environment. Do different space logics of house and garden produce a creative tension? How does the cultural but also the geographic and climatic context find their expression in the garden-house relationship? Topics cover the spectrum from ceremonial elite gardens to productive landscapes of agriculture.

Monday, June 19th, 2023
Technische Universität Berlin, Architecture Building, Forum
Event in English and in presence