survival lounge :: ii. build


Student publication enabled by FG BSG :: Building the Survival Lounge


Based on Sara Ahmed’s book :: ‘Living a Feminist Life’


The Survival Lounge project is a series of seminars focusing on the design, construction, and inhabitation of an intersectional feminist Survival Lounge inspired by Sara Ahmed’s book ‘Living a Feminist Life’. It is a Survival Lounge dedicated to the voices of the unheard.

In this, the second book of the seminar that you are holding in your hands, you will read about the participative construction of the Lounge and witness the production process. It tells the story of how the design of the Survival Lounge, which had been created during the digital summer semester of 2020, was transmitted to a new group of people who worked collectively on the construction phase of the Lounge in the workshops of the TU Berlin. Furthermore, it focuses on the physical group experience of intersectional feminist discourse throughout this construction process.

Even though the design process had been executed from behind our screens, here, in spite of the pandemic, we return to physical space; producing and discussing together, facing new conditions and new challenges, and discovering that the question of how to keep on going on is more relevant than ever.


Winter Semester 2020/2021

ISBN 978-3-9822233-4-6 (Softcover); ISBN 978-3-9822233-5-3 (eBook/pdf)


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Authors of the publication 

Tildem Kirtak, Sarah Rivière, Hermann Schlimme



Natasha Nurul Annisa, Alina Behrend, Rieke Davideit, Noha Elhady, Alexander Hartway, Jakob Michael Holtz, Tildem Kirtak, Miranda Rigby, Elio Wohlgenannt



Serdar Ayvaz, Christine Hartl, Rowaa Ibrahim, Tildem Kirtak, Rima Ubeid