SCIRES-IT – SCIentific RESearch and Information Technology, e-ISSN 2239-4303


Volume 10, Issue 1 (2020)

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Issue edited by S. Frommel and H. Schlimme and Editors in-Chief V. Valzano and M. Cigola

Cover Illustration: F. Apollonio, R. Foschi
Some reconstruction hypothesis of Leonardo’s project  for the tiburio of the Milan cathedral by using 3D digital model


This number of SCIRES-IT is a special issue on Virtual Models and Scientific Value, which summarises significant outcomes from the international meeting and conference series on “3D models in the history of art, architecture and archaeology”. Key topics include the documentation and analysis of architecture with digital means, processes of and tools for the semi-automatic analysis of e.g. point cloud representations, practices of modelling and the use of virtual models for answering innovative research questions in architectural history. Collaboration and exchange platforms for digitally native projects, which aim at preserving and fostering their scientific quality, are a further focus.


Table of Contents

Editorial. Opening of the 10th year of SCIRES-IT

Virginia Valzano, Michela Cigola


Editorial. Virtual models and scientific value

Sabine Frommel, Hermann Schlimme


Visualizing Leonardo and Michelangelo through digital humanities, reconstruction and interaction design

Emanuela Ferretti, Davide Turrini


Digital 2D and 3D visualisations as iconic epistemological models

Mieke Pfarr-Harfst


Bridging the gap. Digital models of historic roof structures for enhanced interdisciplinary research

Markus Pöchtrager, Gudrun Styhler-Aydın, Georg Hochreiner, Taşkın Özkan, Marina Döring-Williams, Norbert Pfeifer – Research Repository, Catalogue and Archive for Architectural History and Building Archaeology

Anke Naujokat, Tobias Glitsch, Felix Martin, Hermann Schlimme


Some reconstruction hypotheses of Leonardo’s project for the tiburio of the Milan cathedral by using 3D digital models

Sabine Frommel, Fabrizio Ivan Apollonio, Marco Gaiani, Gianna Bertacchi


On the Leonardo’s project for the tiburio of Milano cathedral: some consideration on static behaviour

Pier Paolo Diotallevi


The Nubian village of Balle: Social and spatial structure explained using a virtual model

Hermann Schlimme, Bernadeta Schäfer, Olga Zenker, Constanze Bieber


Digital documentation of construction details in the architecture of Michelangelo and Giuliano da Sangallo

Julian Bauch, Gunnar Schulz-Lehnfeld